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Sustainability, Health, Safety and Environment

Maintaining the safest, healthiest work environment is the most critical factor in serving our customers, our industry and ourselves.

Safety empowers everything we do.

Protecting our people from harm and providing them a healthy work environment in which to perform has to be our top priority. Optimized HSE is not only the right thing to do, it is just good business. In the offshore drilling arena, the safest rigs and crews also perform the best. Which is why, as a company, our goals for safety and performance, as outlined in our policy statements for HSE and Quality, are extremely high.

HSES Policy Statement

Our vision is to conduct our operations in an incident-free workplace, all the time, everywhere. We are committed to:

  • Eliminating workplace hazards and reducing occupational health, safety, and environmental risks
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Providing energy efficient services and promoting energy performance improvements

We systematically manage our occupational health, safety, environmental, energy management, and sustainability performance by:

  • Upholding our FIRST Shared Values
  • Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements
  • Setting and monitoring objectives and targets
  • Engagement with internal and external stakeholders as appropriate

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Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to delivering safe and efficient offshore well solutions by:

  • Consistently exceeding our customers' expectations
  • Complying with all applicable requirements 
  • Providing a trained, competent and motivated workforce 
  • Maintaining the highest standards of asset integrity 
  • Optimizing performance through operational discipline, procedural compliance and a reliability culture 
  • Investigating incidents and determining nonconformities to prevent recurrence
  • Continually reviewing and improving all aspects of our business

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Human Rights Policy Statement

We are committed to upholding and respecting human rights through:

  • Supporting international human rights principles
  • Requiring our suppliers to share our commitment to human rights
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment
  • Maintaining a workplace free of discrimination and harassment
  • Prohibiting child labor, forced labor, bonded labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery in our operations
  • Providing regionally competitive compensation
  • Compliance with local regulations governing working hours
  • Providing a third-party HelpLine for anyone to raise concerns

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Incident-free, all the time, everywhere.

Boundless pioneers aim high. At everything. So with respect to offshore drilling safety, we seek to be incident free, all the time, everywhere. This extends to every drilling unit and shore-based facility worldwide. It applies to employees in 20-plus countries with numerous nationalities and cultures.

That is the goal, and it's not just a lofty or honorable one. We know it is achievable. Transocean has developed comprehensive training and mentoring programs complementing our innovative safety tools and processes. Furthermore, we have a permanent cycle of analysis and improvement, so the effort to increase safety and health never ceases.

Occupational Health

A comprehensive approach to ensure a healthy team.

Occupational health policies and procedures are written to prevent exposure of personnel to unnecessary risks. Understanding the potential for health risks and establishing suitable preventative measures are integral to achieving incident-free operations, especially in the following areas.


Transocean employs a consistent global preventative approach to stop noise-induced hearing loss. At our rigs, we:

  • Perform noise surveys to clearly identify areas of potential high noise.
  • Post high-noise signage for our employees and visitors.
  • Mitigate high noise, eliminating or reducing it, where possible.
  • Using administrative controls to prevent exposure to high-noise areas. 
  • Conduct awareness training so that people understand the potentially debilitating consequences of high noise, both at work and at home. 
  • Wear hearing-protection devices. 

Transocean's respiratory-protection program is designed to protect employees from airborne hazards, and we:

  • Have a clear respiratory protection policy with procedures.
  • Use engineering controls, such as ventilation to prevent exposure to personnel.
  • Replace substances that have potential respiratory hazards with non-hazardous materials.
  • Use administrative controls such as safe work procedures, supervision and training with the goal of reducing potential hazardous exposure. 
  • Promote effective use of respirators. 

Transocean provides awareness of safe working practices to personnel who use vibrating tools. Where risks cannot be eliminated, control methods are in place to reduce risks. These include:

  • A low-vibration-tool purchasing program
  • Instructing workers on the correct use of equipment
  • Improved tool maintenance
  • Awareness training of vibration risks 

Transocean's ergonomic program provides awareness and guidance of safe working practices for manual handling and ergonomic risks. The program is designed to:

  • Lower or prevent injuries 
  • Reduce workers efforts by decreasing forces in lifting, handling, pushing and pulling materials 
  • Minimize risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, such as awkward posture when reaching into a container
  • Increase productivity, a safe working environment and morale

Pro-active health management

Transocean is committed to getting ahead of health management issues. In addition to our own offshore resources, Transocean has contracted leading medical providers to respond in the most timely and effective fashion to any medical situation occurring in the field. We offer the following:

Medtrack Program

Medtrack is a Transocean sponsored program of periodical, thorough medical examinations for all employees assigned or frequently traveling overseas. This unique, proactive tool combines the medical examination with a form of active medical coaching whenever a medical issue has been identified. Results are provided on-line through a service website available only to each employee and the Medical Provider in charge of Transocean Medical Assistance at the worldwide level.

Immunizations and Malaria Control Plan

Medtrack visits also allow for employees to receive necessary immunizations. The Company Malaria Control Plan in relevant locations reinforces employee awareness, in addition to providing preventive medications and dedicated malaria survival kits.

Offshore Medical Resources

Transocean maintains a well-equipped clinic staffed by dedicated medical personnel onboard each offshore rig, where trained and certified staff can respond to a range of medical situations. Transocean keeps providing the latest equipment and protocols as validated by the offshore industry.

Topside Medical Support

Transocean has developed a unique working partnership with recognized medical providers to ensure a dedicated round-the-clock guidance and support line to our offshore installations' medical personnel. What's more, Worldwide Medical Assistance Access Transocean personnel have contracted the leading Medical Assistance Company to provide necessary medical assistance and expertise "anywhere, anytime." This service includes the capability to mobilize a fully equipped and staffed air ambulance to evacuate a critical patient from any remote location and get them to the nearest medical center of excellence. It can also dispatch highly skilled medical personnel to escort a patient on commercial flights.


Taking our expertise and our respect to the ends of the Earth

From tropical seas to the Arctic Circle, from 10 to 10,000 feet deep, our work takes us to some of the most amazing places on earth. It is our duty to be aware of the environment around us and to ensure our activity does not adversely affect it.

At Transocean we demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility every day through the global use of our Environmental Management System and our links with external stakeholders.

Environmental Management System

Transocean has one global Environmental Management System (EMS) standard applied to all rigs, offices and facilities. The EMS brings together tools designed to ensure that all of our operations are managed in an environmentally responsible manner, all the time, everywhere. It seeks to drive continuous improvement and is globally compliant to ISO 14001.

Boundless Sustainability

Transocean has set aspirational goals and outlined a strategic plan to lead our industry in delivering reliable energy in a sustainable way. You can explore our goals and progress in our sustainability report.

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HSE deserves discussion

Health, Safety and Environment matters cover a lot of territory, especially with respect of offshore drilling. To learn more about or to discuss any of our initiatives or policies in HSE, please contact us here.