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Service focused. Performance oriented. Data driven.

Programmed for Performance

The Offshore Rig business is forever evolving and demands are ever increasing. Our people continually find new ways to advance the industry and we are actively fostering a performance culture that fuels constant improvement.

From the Performers

The performance procedures and policies we have in place are ensuring safety, reducing downtime and making us more productive than ever. The data bears this out. But take a moment to read what the people on the rigs pushing the curve have to say about it. 

Rig Manager
“We’re programmed to be successful. The challenge and response protocol of the checklist really helps ensure that every step is taken and every detail is covered.”
“If you are challenged with something, it’s like the entire company is on your rig. Senior management and sister crews are ready to help you find solutions.”
Tool Pusher
“If one crew in the Gulf is tripping more efficiently than anybody else, we all hear about it.”

The makings of a Performance Culture

The reason we believe zero incidents and 100% uptime are reasonable goals is because we carefully and continuously examine every step of every process and optimize them for safety and efficiency. What's more, we are measuring and analyzing everything, applying the learnings across the entire company and using data to drive every decision. We invite you to take a closer look inside our performance culture.

What can we do for you?

Find out how the Transocean performance culture can work for your project.

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