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Safety, a continuous journey

An incident-free workplace all the time, everywhere, is a constant focus at Transocean. Our safety processes are designed to provide controls, preventing, injury to people, well control events, fires, loss of water tight integrity and dropped objects.

We developed industry-leading core safety and operational integrity management processes that maintain a clear focus on delivering safe, reliable and consistent performance for our customers and employees.

Everybody’s job

Safety is our most sacred Shared Value. Every employee must demonstrate an understanding of the controls in place, including the company's lifesaving rules and tools, operational integrity and barrier management requirements. Rig managers use a management system audit to verify teams are operating to prevent hazards, and a compliance team conducts an audit at least every 12 months. What's more, every single Transocean employee has an obligation to stop the job and call a "Time Out for Safety" if anything does not look, smell or feel right.

Protection Equals Performance

Nothing is more important than keeping people safe from harm. There is more to gain from safe operations, though. Crews that don't lose man-hours due to injury, or absorb downtime due to equipment damage, will perform consistently better. So in addition to its primary purpose, our Safety Process also help us increase efficiency and perform better to deliver on the commitments we make to our customers.

Safety is vital to our success all across the company. To learn more please browse our HSE section.

Health, Safety and Environment


We are measuring everything to constantly identify opportunities for improvement, and to make sure we are reducing incidents. Improved safety performance directly relates to increased uptime across our fleet. Here's proof it's working: Since 2012, we've seen an 81% reduction in lost injury time rate, a 27% reduction in all hurts and an 83% reduction in the number of high-potential dropped objects.

Start a dialogue about safety

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