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Our People

We are pioneers. 

Offshore careers

Careers offshore are unique. Transocean employees look to challenge themselves, push each other and keep our customers' goals at the forefront. Our people are well trained and motivated to excel, yet they possess the humility to recognize there is always room to improve. At Transocean, we continuously look for better ways to complete a task or optimize our processes.

Transocean people thrive on working in a dynamic environment with the courage to take on the unexplored

Transocean in a few words



Good teamwork is critical in most jobs, but at Transocean, especially out on a rig, it is simply a must. We work seamlessly with each other and with the customer to ensure a safe environment and maximum productivity. Everyone understands that no role is insignificant. No job is beneath them. Every process, every task, every step is vital. This is the reason Transocean rigs operate at peak efficiency.

Offshore Careers for Women

Offshore Careers for Women

Our rigs are operated by teams from all over the world, and an increasing number of key positions are filled by women. The pioneering spirit and boundless, innovative will and work ethic here are not gender-specific. There are great opportunities for women at Transocean.



Transocean people are pioneers at heart. We don't shrink from challenges. They inspire us. Which is why we've been a company of firsts since our inception. In today's competitive environment, when Transocean has asked our employees to embrace a performance culture that requires us to constantly seek improvement no matter how productive we are, our team has risen to the occasion. And in fact, they are changing the way we operate. If you are motivated by a work environment that consistently challenges you, one where you can have an impact that is felt on every rig and on the bottom lines of both Transocean and our clients, we encourage you to browse our available positions.

Lasting Friendships

Lasting Friendships

Working for a drilling company provides a unique work environment. Every step of every process is critical not only to our productivity, but also to ensure the safety of our people. The crews on different rigs share learnings and best practices regularly. Under these circumstances, where the work is intense and so much is riding on the outcomes, the trust and camaraderie among coworkers naturally grows. The crews become like families and the friendships formed over time are invaluable.

Our extended family

Today the industry is full of talented individuals, both onshore and offshore, and a great many started at or have a history with Transocean. We are very proud of that, and though market conditions and economic forces may have temporarily parted us, it is our hope we can remain connected. Ideally, as the market recovers, we welcome opportunities to re-engage the immense talent pool of Transocean alumni.

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Working at Transocean

To learn more about what it is like to work at a service-focused, performance-oriented, data-driven company, please visit our Working at Transocean page. To search for a rewarding offshore or shore-based career with Transocean, browse our current openings on the Job Search page. 

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