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We are a data-driven company proving ourselves every day.

Fueling a Performance Culture

No one has amassed more data, more information or more knowledge. We make the most of today's drilling technology by utilizing decades of information, data and knowledge collected drilling offshore wells for customers across the globe.

Comprehensive analysis

From planning to execution, reporting and analysis, our commitment to the data is all encompassing. We have Reporting and Analysis tools to measure each rig's performance including operational activities such as tripping rates, marine riser handling and casing operations. We assess flat spots and transition times by performance class and analyze our data looking for areas of improvement. Nothing is left to chance. 

Developing Consistency and Enhancing Customer Service

By sharing lessons learned through data and knowledge, we improve efficiency and consistency across our fleet. Our customers expect and deserve a level of service that clearly delivers their business objectives. Close attention to our performance data is already yielding improvements, but we're not done yet. This is only the beginning.

Make an informed contact

To learn how data continues to drive performance and inform decisions, connect with us today.